Intorductin to online casino games

Online casino games are the digitized forms of brick and mortar casino games. This is a way to get players involved in betting through the internet. You can access these games through your mobile or desktop device. If you want to get the full list of all Netent games, you should check out

Playing blackjack games

Online blackjack is one of the amazing casino games that you will come across in the portfolio of Netent. The gamplay is quite simple hence the reason for it being player choice. If you are wondering on how to claim bonuses, you can visit the official website of deejayclutch to do that. Its rules include

  • Get a hand that is higher than the dealer
  • Do not go over 21

However, you will need to equip yourself with basic strategies as a beginner to improve your chance of winning. The first thing to do is to focus on not busting. You should stop hitting when you have a hard 18. Also, when you have a pair of 8, you should consider splitting.


Playing roulette games

Online roulette is another interesting game that Netent has developed. This is a digitized version of the roulette game played at landbased casinos. The game is more complex than blackjack. Also, online roulette has various types of tables with varying rules that govern them. There is the American, European and French table.

If you are a beginner at playing casino games especially online roulette, you should focus on the simple bets before going to the complex ones. The simple bets are usually the type with 50% odds. These bets include red/black bet and odds/even bets. by choosing this bet, you have been able to reduce the edge of the house

Betting strategy systems

The betting strategy is a collection of strategies that can be used on different online casino games. These strategies are independent of the games and do not have anything to do with tactics. The strategies are purely mathematical. Some of the popular types of strategies you will find among online players are

  • Card counting
  • Fibonacci
  • Martingale

The card counting is a complex strategy however, it is one of the most effective when done properly. To pull this off, you need to master the strategy with different decks of cards. Card counting involves assigning value to different cards. Technically, a card can be +1,0,-1. This gives an overview of cards that have been dealt.

Fibonacci betting strategy

Fibonacci betting strategy is also one of the old betting systems developed by mathematicians. The strategy is based on the Fibonacci sequence which is an endless series of naturally occurring number. These numbers are said to form the basics of pattern in life as we know it and it was discovered by a Mathematician with the same name.

To use the Fibonacci strategy all you need to do is to start your counting from 1 and multiply your bet by the next number in the Fibonacci sequence when you lose a bet. You are to repeat this until you win a round. When a win is recorded, repeat the process. Important points about Fibonacci include

  • Only use this strategy with games with small bets
  • It is not realistic

Martingale betting system

The martingale betting system is a negative profession system just like the Fibonacci sequence. However, this betting strategy does not depend on an abstract sequence. The process is very simple, all you need to do is to double your bet for every round you lose. Repeat this process, until you record a win.

You should know that online betting is totally dependent on luck and many online casinos are always looking for ways to increase the house edge in a way that the players will not be able to beat the house. This is teh reason you should be conscious of your bet site and never bet irresponsibly.

Last modified: 21 January 2021